MP3 to MIDI export

Installed Audacity today. Downloaded and installed lame_enc.dll also.
I was trying to export a mp3 file to MIDI. Didn’t work. How to create a MIDI file?

MIDI is not “sound”, it’s a list of “commands” that tell an electronic instrument what to play. There’s no direct way to convert audio into MIDI.
There is some specialist (and usually quite expensive) software that can analyze audio, and create a MIDI file that follows the notes in the audio (or at least, attempts to). Examples include “AudioScore Ultimate” (around $200).
There’s also a free on-line converter here, but note that the conversion is far from perfect, especially with polyphonic music:

How to create a MIDI file?

This pops up every so often. Why do you need the MIDI file? What job is this?


If you’re on Audacity 2.3.2 or later, you don’t need Lame. The Lame software makes MP3s. That’s built-in now.