MP3 recording as Default

Hello, I’m a new user. With my previous program I was able to set my recordings to automatically save as MP3s. Also, there was a size indicator (in MBs) as the recording progressed. I searched for this info but didn’t see anything. Are either of these options available with Audacity?

No. Not really. Audacity is not a WAV or MP3 editor. It works in its own super high quality internal sound format and then makes whatever you want at whatever quality is needed on export. Once you make a lower quality MP3, that’s the best quality you will ever have and if you try to do production in MP3, the quality will usually get worse.

If you’re creating one-off throw-away shows or clips, it doesn’t matter very much, but you should create valuable show archives in WAV and then export to Lower Quality MP3 for distribution.