mp3 quality degradation in WMM

I need help in two things. I will be recording vocals in audaucity 1.2 with the highest quality …

  1. is the 32 bit rate and 96k sample rate best that audaucity can do.

  2. when I export these to mp3 files and then import them into windows movie maker (to upload to youtube), their quality degrades tremendously. Can anyone suggest how to fix this.

That’s better than current state of the art hardware will do. The best hardware uses 24bit converters.
96kHz is more than sufficient - it provides high accuracy beyond 20kHz which is the limit of human hearing (and probably beyond the “true” limit of most loudspeakers).

  1. Export as WAV, not MP3. MP3 sound quality is always lower than CD quality (16bit 44.1kHz)

Suggested settings:
Recording and editing - 48kHz 32bit
Export - 48kHz 16 bit.

If you are doing little or no processing, you can do the whole thing in 16bit 48kHz for the same sound quality.

i want to convert the youtube video to mp3… I used this tool but it says codec lame mp3 missing, im not sure what to do… help?

Does this have anything to do with Audacity, or anything to do with the topic currently being discussed here?

It is related to settings in audaucity that degrade and not degrade when you attach the mp3 files in windows movie maker(WMM). These mp3 files are exports from audaucity.

When in audaucity the recording is done at 44k sample rate, then exported to mp3 (using lame codec) and then this mp3 is imported into WMM as an audio file being attached to video, there is NO degradtion at all.

But when the recording is done at 96k sample rate, exported to mp3 and then this mp3 is imported into WMM then the sound is really crappy.

I am looking for a way to record at sample rate of 96k and be able to export to mp3 with minimal or no degradation. Finally attach this mp3 file to WMM without any compromise in audio quality. If someone can tell me how to do this and what other tools to use, I will really appreciate it.

Hang on a second, I’m getting really confused here. You appear to be replying to my reply to jessysky20. Are you (chalbe2001) the same person as jessysky20 or is the question from jessysky20 irrelevant to our conversation?

There is no point recording at 96kHz if you are going to export as MP3 because the MP3 format does not support 96kHz. The highest sample rate supported by MP3 is 48kHz.
There is always degradation when exporting to MP3 because MP3 is a lossy compression format.

The quality of an MP3 depends on three things: The quality of the original, the quality of the converter, and the compression setting. The current version of Lame that Audacity uses is the highest quality Lame converter available. The current version of lame is available here: is this what you are using?
The highest quality MP3 setting is “320kbps CBR”. In Audacity 1.3.x this is also available as a preset called “insane”. In Audacity 1.2.x the MP3 quality settings are buried in Preferences and if I recall correctly the default is 128kbps which is a low/medium quality, but fairly small file size.

Does WMM not accept WAV files? 16bit 44100Hz WAV is higher quality than any MP3.

I have an answer to this problem. I have used Windows Movie Maker for quite a while making slide shows to vintage jazz from my 78 rpm collection (for YouTube upload). In my case the original music is monophonic, but for some reason WMM cannot handle a mono audio track without the distortion. This is a known problem and it has been discussed on other forums, but Microsoft no longer supports this software. The solution is to convert the audio to stereo. Create a second audio track and copy and paste the audio into the second track, then convert it to stereo. Of course it’s not a true stereo track but WMM will then produce a clean audio track without the distortion. This is true for either .MP3 or .WAV format.