mp3 music file volume modification [SOLVED]

The mp3 music folders in our music library have been recorded at various amplitudes (volumes).
Can this software function as a volume control/equalization to elimenate the variances
in the recorded volumes.

Something like a limiter on the tape recorders.


Since this is a Mac, you can use SoundCheck® to push all your music toward the same volume. Attached.
Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 7.44.16 PM.png

This is a DELL computer.

Is there a way to have the sound check do all of the songs in a folder at once?



But you still showed a picture of iTunes. Use Sound Check. See iTunes - Official Apple Support .


Thanks for your reply.

I did use sound check, but, the volume differential from song to song does not change from the original recordings in our music file.

Perhaps, I’m not doing something right?

Thanks in advance,

Sound Check.jpg

Did you consider using Sound Check in Playback Preferences as per Koz’s image, or reading the link I posted iTunes - Official Apple Support


Please let me work this over the weekend.

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I often use Foobar2000 to update the replay-gain (similar to sound check) level.
The nice thing is that it can alter the tracks permanently and not only by a virtual ID3-tag which will be ignored in some players.

You can Do this with Audacity, I Think this forum is of Audacity So we should Explain tutorial for that… :sunglasses:
Import your Mp3 files ( Which you want to decrease or increase the amplitudes )

Use Zoom tool to Zoom the segment where variances are there

Use The Selection Tool to select the segment of variances

Step 3:)
Click on Effect then select Amplifiy to Decrease or increase the Amplitude of Selected Segment.

Last Step4:)
Export the Mp3 files ( You will need Lame mp3 decoder If you dont have one)

Note: You can Create "Chain "If You don’t want to repeat the tasks again and again manually it will repeat to apply the effect in all mp3 files.

Thanks satguru59.

Perhaps this tutorial might best be resolved using specific instructions by email:

[e-mail address removed]

I did drag & drop a song onto the audacity icon but need the next few steps.

I don’t have the Lame mp3 decoder.

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We are not able to offer e-mail or telephone support.
Posting your e-mail address on a public forum is a bad idea as it is likely to attract a great deal of spam.
I have removed your e-mail address from your post.

As previously described, the best solution to the problem for iTunes users is to use SoundCheck.

LAME is an encoder (it writes MP3 files). “Decoder” means to read a file format. :wink:

The trouble with all that above is that it’s a manual job, and that to make a song sound “as equally loud” as another, you need to adjust the blue waves based on the height of the light blue (rms) section, not the top or bottom (peak level) of the waveform.

The other point is that MP3 encoding is lossy. There is absolutely no need to degrade the MP3 by re-encoding it if you only want to adjust its volume.


LAME is an encoder (it writes MP3 files). “Decoder” means to read a file format

Thanks for the rectification…I am still learning Audacity… :mrgreen:

Yeah i agree mp3 has got very defame in forums, But players in some mobiles didn’t able to play .wav files, exceptions removed …
But i too suggest .wav files for export… :sunglasses:





I would certainly have offered an Audacity tutorial if there were one that is lossless. Alas, there is none, at least if you want an mp3 again.
That’s why I’ve suggested the Foobar2000 solution.
In general, there are three ways to correct the volume:

  1. Open the file in Audacity, change the amplitude and encode the mp3 anew (= quality loss)
  2. Changing the ID3 tag by providing a sound-check/replay gain offset.
  3. Changing individual mp3 frames with e.g. Sox, Mp3-cut or similar (no new encoding necessary); the steps are roughly 1.4 dB.

You don’t want to export the Audacity project to MP3. You will degrade the audio.

You want to tick (check) the box “Sound Check” in Playback Preferences in iTunes. It is a 10 seconds job. Then your MP3’s will sound similarly loud without degrading their sound quality.

If you must make your MP3’s sound worse by re-encoding them as another MP3, follow these instructions to download and install the LAME MP3 Encoder: Audacity Manual .


Which is also lossless.

Do you mean MP3DirectCut there ?


Thank you Gale.

I use “audio” during iTunes disc burning.

The “Sound Check” does not work very well, if at all in the “Audio” mode.

I’ll download your link & get back to you.



Your link has been downloaded-No change.