MP3 metadata editing really does need a selectable default behavior

Until recently, every time you exported audio to MP3, you were prompted with the metadata tag editor. That was fine.
With 3.4.x, this is no longer the behavior…and you have to click the Edit Metadata button. A minor PITA, but still adds clicks (never a good thing). The “solution” proposed last fall was to downgrade to 3.3.x, which is a dodge, not a solution.
Can we have a way of choosing whether or not the metadata editor shows up by default in the export process (for all file types that support metadata)? An item in the Preferences would probably be best, but I’m happy to hack a config file if that’s what it takes.
The docs (Metadata Tags Editor - Audacity Manual) show a check box that no longer exists (or…exists in some future version…). At least make the docs match the features.

That illustration is from an older version.

The manual has been superseded by the new Support site. The old manual remains available for now, but there is only Peter (“waxcylinder”) that is still actively maintaining it.

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