Макрос увеличивающий длительность .mp3 файлов (Macros which increase duration of mp3 files)

У меня есть кучка файлов .mp3 Мне нужно сделать так, чтобы их длительность увеличилась на 1 секунду. Я сделал макрос простейший, когда его применяю к одной звуковой дорожке, он работает. Когда применяю сразу ко всем трэкам, то они не соединяются вместе. Как это исправить?

Hello everyone. I have bunch of .mp3 files. I want to increase their durations on +1 sec
I maked simple macros:

  1. Cursor to track End
  2. Paste (1 sec noise in clipboard)
  3. Join
  4. End

    Well, It works if you using it on just 1 track
    But if you (ctrl + A) on all tracks and start Macro it looks like:

    What i am doing wrong? How to apply this macro to all 55 tracks? How to do it properly? Looking for help

Let’s say you have 55 mp3 files named “1.mp3” through “55.mp3” each containing a single track and all located in the same directory. At the end of your existing macro, add the line, ExportMP3.

Close Audacity and open a new Audacity window. Select Tools > Macro Manager, select your macro, then Apply Macro to Files. Audacity will prompt you for the directory containing your .mp3 files. Select the one(s) you want (or Ctrl+A) to select them all. (Hint: The first time you do this don’t do more than 2-3 files)

Audacity will save your newly created files to the same file names but in the macro-output files directory in C:\Windows\Users\you\Audacity or in the directory your specified in Edit > Preferences > Directories.

Also, see Apply Macro - Audacity Manual

I cant make it: Audacity Desktop 2023.06.09 - YouTube
Maybe macro cant add 1 sec audio to tracks from clipboard?
It makes me crazy, but i will continue to try
P.S. Can someone show me where macro instructions on wiki or youtube for it? :japanese_goblin:

Yes. This seem to be the case. Try putting your clip into a “paste” file:


Note that you will have better luck using .WAV files as your intermediate files.

After all i found the solution with standard Windows soft. If someone need (CMD):
for %i in (.) do COPY /B %i+C:\Music\1sec.mp3
Use this command when you are inside your .mp3 files folder