Mp3 files

I am a newbie to audacity which seems very robust for anything audio.

But as I am evaluating to start using it, I noticed three things I consider as short commings:

  1. the extenstion does not include MP3 format
  2. There is no direct path to uploading straight to a website using FTP protocol.
  3. Inability to name a sound before recoding starts

If I am not wrong, are they any plugins that can let me establish or perform any othe taslk above? basically I want my audio output to be in MP3 and the ability to type in a name of my audio file before I start to record. The msot important, the ability to save to a local drive while uploading directly into a folder on my website.

Thanks for the asistance.

Audacity does not work directly on files.
In order to be able to do all of the cool things that Audacity does, all editing and processing is done in Audacity’s own “Project” format. An Audacity Project is NOT an audio file. To create a normal audio file, the project must be Exported.

MP3 is currently covered by a number of patent restrictions that prevent MP3 export being included in Audacity.
MP3 export is possible by installing a third party converter called LAME. See here for more information:

That would be a feature request.

Web integration was discussed by the developers a while ago, but there was not much enthusiasm about it. One of the main objections was on the grounds of security.
Audacity currently has no network integration capability built in, so network security is a non-issue for Audacity. If Audacity included support for ftp/html/Telnet/other, then this would raise a lot of important security issues that are unrelated to editing audio.

You can Save a project before you start recording (File meny > Save Project As…) This will set the default name of the exported file when you finish.