MP3 files on a USB stick won't open in Audacity 3.0.2

Good morning friends!

I have numerous songs in MP3 format on a pendrive, however, when I open it in Audacity, the file does not open and displays the message as shown in the attached image.
Thus, I need to copy and paste to a hard disk within the computer itself for the process to complete, that is, for the file to be opened in Audacity.
Can you guide me if there is any configuration in Audacity so that it can read a file even on a Pendrive?
Or another way to get this resolved?

Thank you and hugs to all!



It may not be able to open MP3 files directly from a USB stick due to the read/write speed limitations of the USB interface. Try copying the MP3 files to your local hard drive and then opening them in Audacity. Alternatively, you can try using a faster USB drive or a different audio file format that can be read directly from the USB stick.

I assume you can play the file with different software?

Audacity sometimes has trouble with “imperfect” MP3s or Audacity can get confused if it’s a different format but named MP3.

Usually the easiest solution is to convert the file to WAV with another program [u][Kabuu Audio Converter/u]. Then you can open & edit the WAV and if you re-export as MP3, the new MP3 will be OK.

Or it’s not an MP3 but an AUP3 Audacity Project File, it won’t work on FAT drives. If that’s the problem it should be OK after you copy it to your NTFS hard drive.

Hello friends!

First I want to thank you immensely for the tips and teachings.
I tested the mentioned program, it works and converts the files. Unfortunately even after converting Audacity does not open the file, I was able to open it in Melodyne. Even saving with this program, Audacity still does not open the file on the pendrive.
Given this, the only solution I found was to actually copy it to the NTFS hard drive.

Hug to everyone!