MP3 Export unreasonably long.

I am using Audacity 1.3 Beta (Unicode). I had been using an earlier version, 1.2, to digitalize my collection of audio cassettes, when suddenly, when I tried to export to mp3, instead of ca. 2 minutes it took about 2 hours!!! If I completely reboot I can export once more in about 2 minutes, after that it’s back to two hours. I installed 1.3 Beta hoping that would solve my problem, but no luck. Any suggestions?


J Garrington

Audacity uses LAME for encoding MP3’s, as do several other programs. It is therefore possible that you could have more than one version of LAME installed on your computer.

My suggestion:

If you know where you originally put the LAME encoder, remove it, then:

On the main Audacity web site there are links to versions of LAME that work well with Audacity. Download LAME from there and put it in the Audacity program folder, then in Audacity go to “Edit > Preferences > Import/Export” and manually select the correct location for the new version of LAME.