mp3 Export Sample Rate - Setting Default

I have digitized some music at 96K, 32 bit and want to export to mp3. When I do so, it says 96K sample rate not supported. How do I set the default mp3 export sample rate different from data rate used to record? Currently I must click on the mp3 sample rate window and manually set 44.1K each time I export a file. Using Audacity 3.0.2, windows 10 Build 21H1. Thanks

What is “it” that says “96K sample rate not supported”?

When I see the “not supported” message that same dialog box gives me an option to select the exported sample rate at that time, so I don’t have to change the Project Rate.

…I case you don’t already know - The MP3 format doesn’t support 96kHz. It’s not just an Audacity limitation.

Hi, thanks for the reply. For some reason, when I go to export to a mp3 file, it seems to be trying to use the same sample rate that the original wav file was recorded with. In my case, the wav file was recorded at 96K and so it tries to use 96K for the mp3 file which of course is not a valid sample rate for mp3. It then opens up an “Invalid Sample Rate” window with a drop down selection for the mp3 sample rate and defaults at 8K, but I want 44.1K so I have to change it manually to that value in the drop down menu. My question is, is there some place where I can set the default mp3 export sample rate like there is for recording but independent of it? Thanks everybody.

The sample rate of the exported file is taken from the “Project Rate” in the lower left corner of the main Audacity window. Set that to the sample rate you require (44100) before you export.

Note that if you use a very low “kbps” setting for MP3 export, the sample rate will need to be lower than 44100, so you will be prompted to select a valid sample rate.

Thank you Steve, what you suggested does work. I am trying to export hundreds of wav files recorded at 96K as mp3 files with a 48K sample rate. I was wondering if there is a way to set a default mp3 export sample rate separate from the recorded wav sample rate so I don’t have to manually change every file I am exporting. Thanks again

Not very easily, but it can be done.

Way back in Audacity’s history, someone though it would be a good idea if importing a track into an empty Audacity project would override the default sample rate specified in Preferences. Unfortunately for you, that means that every time you import a 96 kHz track into a new project, the Project Rate changes to 96000 Hz and there’s nothing you can do about it other than change it back to the sample rate that you want.

The good news is that you can create a Macro to batch process your files and convert them to MP3.
Here’s a Macro to do that:
Convert-44100-MP3.txt (35 Bytes)
(see the manual about how to import this macro: