MP3 Drag/Drop does not always work

Hi, Using MacBook Pro with latest version of Catalina and Audacity Version 2.4.2.

I’ve been using Audacity for years and recently moved from Win 10 to Mac.

I have a 23,000 item MP3 Lib which I keep in Apple Music (iTunes as was). Under Win, I had no problem Drag/Drop any of MP3 from iTunes to Audacity but under new Mac OS, about 5% of Library will not Drag/Drop.

I have checked versions of MP3 and Tags, Checked bitrate, and I think checked all obvious things but I can detect no pattern.

I can get the MP3 into Audacity if I open from the actual file location but a bit too long-winded.

Any help with Drag/Drop inconcistency appreciated.


This is a known bug. You can drag-drop into the Audacity project window, but drag-drop onto the Audacity icon in the dock does not work. We’re working on it.
– Bill

Thanks Bill. It is the project window that I’m referring too. It seems to work with some MP3s but others just not at all. Even more weir is that the same track but from different albums and from different sources - one works with drag/drop and the other does not.

PS. Can send examples if that helps?


No need to send examples. If you can get the files into Audacity with File > Open or File > Import then there is nothing wrong with the MP3s.

If you try to drag-drop a file into the Audacity window, if you try again does it go? I’ve had that happen now and then.

– Bill

Hi Bill. Thanks for reply. The files that don’t work with drag/drop never work with drag/drop.

Then I’m out of ideas.
– Bill

Thanks Bill… Me too.

I am beginning to think it is to do with MP3s that are part of Compilation Albums (those that have multiple Artists, the likes of an NOW album) but don’t really see why that should affect Drag/Drop.

I’ll keep looking for a pattern.

Thanks again.

Hi, I don’t know much about macOS, but here is a Catalina user with a very similar Drag-and-Drop problem affecting only “some” files:

Thanks. I’ll have a look.

All, I’m beginning to think that this is a iTunes issue not an Audacity one because I can Drag/Drop the same MP3 out of Finder in Mac/OS to Audacity but not from iTunes.

I’m off to post elsewhere… :frowning: