MP3 Decoding Error

I downloaded a number of Old Time Radio programs from Archive. org for use in my podcast. I am using Audicity 2.4.2 on Windows 10 Pro. When I attempt to import a particular program into audacity I get the following error: MP3 Decoding Failed bad audio data length. Now I saw in the forum this question asked before but saw no answers given from anyone. It is for that reason I am re-posting it once more time. Please help.

You can try converting the file to WAV with [u]TAudioConverter[/u] or you can try repairing the MP3 with [u]MP3 Diags[/u].

Or, you can try an older version of Audacity. There was a recent change that made Audacity less tolerant of MP3 errors. (Maybe someone else can tell you what version to try. I’m not sure if the change was made with 2.4.2 or before that.)

The rumor is… There will be another change in the next version… Probably a warning and an option to ignore the error.

In the next version, real “errors” in the MP3 file will still cause the file to be rejected, but minor issues (deviations from the original MP3 specifications) such as “APE tags”, are ignored. In my tests, all MP3 files that I’ve tried were opened successfully, except one which I expected to fail because it didn’t play all the way through in any app.

That looks like a good little app. It would be nice if we could find another free app for Windows as good but easier to use.