Mp3 Coversion

Hi I use windows 10 Home. I’ve used auidiocity in the past with little to no problems. But since i installed it on my new Pc, when i import a mp4 file to convert into a mp3 it only Imports about 35 seconds of the file. When i test play the mp4 it plays in its entirety fine. I dont understand why its only importing part of the file. I have used the youtube to mp3 and for some reason thats doing the same thing? Any ideas?

I use audiocity to mainly create my Baldur’s gate game character sound files. And to perform maintainace on my mp3s. (Song Album, track #, etc)
can anyone help me with this?

Try converting with [u]Kabuu Audio Converter[/u] or [u]TAudio[/u]. That’s easier than using Audacity anyway if you don’t need to edit.

If you want to edit, convert the file to WAV and then open the WAV in Audacity for editing (to minimize the number of times it’s compressed). Then you can export as MP3 if you wish.

Ill try one of those, but do u know why it would only upload into audiocity as a 35 second file?

did the same thing with the Kabuu Audio Converter, only as 35 seconds. But reads as full lenth