MP100 McIntosh Pre Amp

I’m trying to record from the USB output of the MP100 McIntosh Pre Amp but the sound is slow and distorted. The MP100’s output is 24bit at 96khz

I adjust the Audacity settings to 24bit at 96khz but it’s still slow and distorted.

McIntosh are recommending a different recording software but I don’t want to change.

Can anyone help me with the correct settings?

but the sound is slow and distorted.

That’s weird…

How far off is the speed? About half speed?

Make sure both Audacity and Windows are [u]configured for stereo[/u]. This doesn’t usually mess-up the speed, but theoretically it could because there is twice as much data in stereo.

You might try 48kHz or 44.1kHz. The speed is related to sample rate and if you play back at a lower sample rate than you record at, it will be slow. Normally the drivers communicate the sample rate between the hardware and software and the drivers also normally make any necessary conversions so you can normally set Audacity to whatever sample rate you want.

This is all normally “foolproof”, especially with USB, but sometimes there is a driver issue sometimes a different sample rate fixes it…


have you figured it out?
I’m experiencing the exact same problem but I’m using a mac.
I’ve tried changing the sample rate, restarting the mp100’s A/D with no success. Have a thought about changing the cable but that is probably not the problem. Please let me know if you have a solution to this!


If someone owns a Mp100 and are experiencing this problem. Hers the following conclusion,

I’ve tried the following with no success,

1, changed the USB cable. Did not work!
2, reset the mp100 A/D converter. Did not work!
3, changed the bit depth and sample rate to every thinkable setting. Did not work!
4, tried different software, audacity, logic, vinyl studio. Same outcome on every software with terrible distortion and slow down!
5, success!! I made one last attempt using UA Luna software. At first it behaved exactly the same with slow down and distortion! But when I changed the sample rate to 96kHz it suddenly worked! I have no idea why it did and not in the other DAW’s!

So if someone else is experiencing this, just use UA Luna and it will solve the problem!

I gave up and use Vinylsoft (McIntosh’s recommendation)to record and Audacity to edit