'Moving track display' option when recording?

When recording in Audacity 2.05 (Mac OS X 10.9.1) , is there an option that allows the recorded part of the track to move off to the left while keeping the ‘current’ time static on the screen, say 80% across the screen from the left once sufficient seconds of audio have been recorded? Or does the red input bar always have to move towards the right until it reaches the right hand screen edge then bounce back a few seconds and repeat that cycle until the end of recording? Just thinking that a ‘moving track display’ would be a more smooth experience for the user. I have looked at the available options and Wiki and manuals but I cannot see such an option.



This is an oft-requested feature:

“Smoother Track scrolling on Playback”
I could add your vote on that wiki page, along with a note that is could also be enabled for recording.

Personally, I find the “jump scrolling” annoying when recording, and always zoom way out so the track can contain the expected length of the recording without scrolling.

  • Bill

Thanks Bill, please add my vote for this enhancement.

– Bill