Moving small clips around

Hi there,
how do you move small clips around? I have a lot of them, so currently I have to:

  1. zoom in,
  2. grab the clip and move is the the left hand side of the screen
  3. zoom out
  4. move the session bar to the left so i can find the spot I need to move the clip
  5. zoom in on the clip, move it to the left hand side of screen, and repeat process

I can’t grab the clip until I zoom in - surely there is a way to highlight an area and move everything within that highlighted area? One way to make it more efficient

Thank you!

Moving small clips is often easiest with cut and paste.

  1. Zoom in on the clip
  2. Select the clip (double click on it)
  3. Cut (“Ctrl + X”)
  4. Zoom / scroll to where you want the clip and click on the track at that point.
  5. Paste (“Ctrl + V”)

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