Moving ONLY a selected part of a track (not the whole track)

When I select a part of a voice recording and use the time shift tool, it moves the whole track instead. I’m trying to move a part of the speech to another part of speech. I’ve also tried clicking inside the selection using the time shift tool, which does the same thing. Any help? (sorry, I’m such a noob at Audacity :blush: . I’m not a sound professional, just your average gamer :stuck_out_tongue: )

Audacity 2.1.2
Windows 7 Professional

I’m not sure if this is the best solution, but I’d export the different sections of audio as separate files. Then you can re-import them and move them around independently.

If you want to move one part from the middle of the file to another place in the middle of the file, you’d have to export 4 files because you need to cut/split where the moved part starts, where it stops, and at the new spot where you want to insert it. (3 cuts gives you 4 pieces.)

For example, export parts A, B, C, D. Then “reassemble” as A, C, B, D.

For a smooth splices, cut on the [u]Zero-Crossings[/u] (or where there’s silence) or splice with a short [u]Crossfade[/u]. (i.e. A crossfade of a few milliseconds won’t he heard as a crossfade, but it will help to avoid glitches or clicks in the sound.)

Clicking and dragging inside the selection moves the selection along as well as the track, but still only moves the whole track.

To move part of the track, select it, Edit > Find Zero Crossings, Edit > Copy, click where you want to move the selection to, Edit > Find Zero Crossings then Edit > Paste.

Or select the part you want to move then Edit > Clip Boundaries > Split (CTRL + I) - that I is as in first person singular. This makes the selection and the other parts separate “clips” within the track that you can drag individually with Time Shift Tool. There has to be free space to drop the clip where you want it to go. See Audio Tracks and Clips.