Moving multiple tracks vertically

I already posted this but its not showing up. I know how to move multiple tracks horizontally on the timeline, what I want is to be able to drag multiple tracks up or down on my track listing…one at a time is a horrible pain in the ass.

Any help on this question would be much appreciated.

Using 2.1.1 (pretty sure from zip)

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Moving multiple tracks up and down is a feature request, but if you use the Audio Track Dropdown Menu to move the focused track, it is accurate. You can move the focused track straight to the top or bottom and then back one track at a time.

This is most conveniently done with keyboard. Set shortcuts in Keyboard Preferences for Move focused track down, Move focused track to bottom, Move focused track to top and Move focused track up. Then use UP or DOWN arrow to move focus to the track and execute the required shortcut.


Thank you, and sorry for double posting.

When you say “feature request” does that mean that it is something that is not in the program, has previously been asked to be implemented, but has not yet? Thanks!

Exactly so. There is a long discussion about it here

So, do you want to “vote” for menu items (in the Tracks menu) that can move selected tracks up/down, which could then be assigned a keyboard shortcut? Or for mouse drag of selected multiple tracks up and down? Or for both?

If we don’t hear from you again we’ll count a “vote” for the Tracks Menu items.