moving multiple tracks left / right

I am trying to figure out how to move multiple tracks at the same time. I can’t seem to be able to select more than one track. I tried holding control + clicking “select” on a track and tried holding shift and double clicking on a track. That does not select actual wareform of a track so I can’t use time shift tool to move tracks to the left.
I found an issue in my audio file where I crossfaded two tracks incorrectly at around min 15min. I went back to fix it but I need to shift everything after minute 15 to the left by a like 3 seconds. How do I lock all tracks after 15 min and move everything to the left? I have about 10 tracks that I need moved.
Thank you.

Select all of the tracks that you want to move (see:
Then drag with the Time Shift tool, from with a selected audio clip (

thanks. I’m reading over “adding tracks to selection” section. I select track I want to move, but when I hold down shift and select last track, only the length of the first track is selected. The high lighted section is only for the length of that track I want to move.

Sometimes it is easier to press “Ctrl+A” (Select All), and then de-select the bits that you don’t want selected.

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That did work a lot better. selected all then punched ctrl+ select on each song before what I wanted to move. Deselecting worked as it should.

Brilliant, this is by far the easiest! Thank you in 2024 :slight_smile: