Moving Clips Vertically [SOLVED]

Is there a way in Audacity to shift a wav clip up or down to a different track so as to end up in the exact place on the timeline but on a different track?

You used to be able to just drag a track up or down. Looking.

Yeah. Here it is. Click just above MUTE and drag up or down. You don’t get a visual hint what you’re doing until it switches.


To get the “exact” same place in time:

  1. Select the audio that you you want to move.
  2. Alt+Ctrl+X (“Split Cut” also in the “Edit > Remove Special” menu")
  3. “Enter” key (de-select current track)
  4. Up/down cursor to the track where you want to move it to
  5. “Enter” (Select current track)
  6. “Ctrl+V” (paste)

If you are able to use a mouse, the quicker method is to hold CTRL then drag vertically. When you hold CTRL then drag, the clip can only move vertically, not horizontally.


Great tip - If I ever knew that, I’d forgotten about it.

Thanks everyone. This one can be closed