Moving audacity files from one computer to another

Hello - I am presently running Audacity 2.0.6 on my MacBook Pro where I have recorded an ACX book title. I discovered that trying to edit the audio files on a 15-inch screen is difficult because I am zooming in and out aIl the time. So I purchased a used iMac 27 and loaded it with Audacity 2.0.6 and now want to move the files from the laptop to the desktop. Do I have to Export the files as mp3’s or can they be access in their current format? How do I transfer the files?

No, don’t do that. Converting to MP3 always loses some audio quality, and you should try to maintain the best quality all the way through the production process. Converting to MP3 should be the final step in production, and only then if you really need the final show to be in MP3 format (which I think is what ACX require). Your final show should also be backed up as a WAV file, just in case you need to perform further work on it later on.

Audacity projects may be moved from one computer to another, but you need to ensure that you move the entire project (the AUP file and all of the data).
There are several potential “gotcha’s” when moving projects, so have a careful read of this page in the manual: Audacity Manual
Do not delete your projects from the original computer until you are absolutely sure that the transferred projects are fully working. In fact, I would not delete them until the book has been published and is on sale :wink:

Great information. I will follow your suggestions.

I would not delete them until the book has been published and is on sale

What he said.

“Hey, we want to recut your work for a different venue. You still have the original files, right?”


I have run into a new glitch. File size. Just one chapter of this ACX title is 442.5 MB when I tried to send it - it locked up my system until I spend 25 minutes with an Apple tech resolving. Then based on the Apple Tech’s recommendation I tried to compress the data file and that didn’t work. Now I am trying to put the files on SD card but I am not having too much success.

This is a real inconvenience and if you have a suggestion or work around I would sure like to hear it.

That’s too many failures. Apple (above left) > About this Mac. I’m using OS-X version 10.9.5. What do you have?

Go (top of the screen) > Utilities > Disk Utility.

Select the System Disk > Verify Disk. When that finishes (assuming it passes) > Repair Permissions.

While you’re in there, read Capacity and Available numbers from the bottom of that window.


Just one chapter of this ACX title is 442.5 MB

That would take me a while to upload, too. How long is the chapter in minutes?


This is just me, but I save everything directly to OneDrive. That way I always have an instant backup but also, by the time I get to my home office for the editing / mastering it is usually waiting for me on that computer. :slight_smile:

You may want to give that a try.