Moving a track along the timeline

Hi, new to the forum and relatively new to the flexibility of Audacity, I have generally only appled fade in/outs before now, but after simply playing around with the program its got so much potential for me to utilise.
I am using AUDACITY 2.1.2 on Windows 10.
Heres my first little exercise id like advice on, I want to place one live track after another so that it sounds like a continuous track, Im confident with appplying the fade in/out , but id like the experts advice on how to “select/copy” the lower track then “paste” at the end of upper track if that makes sense… Any advice is much appreciated!!! :smiley:

Time-shift tool

It is easier to synchronise* them if you view spectrograms rather than waveforms.

[* If the tracks are the same BPM ]