Movies hypnotic "spiritual" voice effect

I have some voice recording for hypnotic induction and I am trying to change the recorded voice sightly and apply some effect to make it more “suggestible”. Making it sound like those words are spoken from a “spiritual higher-power” in movies. It makes it sound more powerful and pleasing to the hear. I tried to find some youtube clips to illustrate the effect but couldn’t find any.

That effect is also often used in hypnotic tapes. I think it is some kind of light reverb perhaps with a hint of echo, but I don’t have any experiences in audio effects, which is the reason for posting the question.

Is there a plugin that does that?
Or which effects and settings and in which sequence should I use?

Thank you as always! :slight_smile:

Maybe reverse-reverb.
reverse the track, apply reverb, then reverse again so it’s the right way around.

Thank you @Trebor,
that sound you generated does follow what I tried to explain but is not what I am trying to do. I didn’t explain myself very well.

I found this clip that is closer to what I was trying to explain. It has music too but you can disregard it, what I am interested in is the foice “spatial”/spiritual sound effect applied to his voice. This link is already at the time where the person’s voice’s effect is similar to what I am trying to achieve:

How can I do that in Audacity?

Thank you again :slight_smile:

And also this is another clip similar to what I am trying to achieve (again without the music, just the voice effect):

Thank you :slight_smile:

Both your YouTube examples just have forward reverb (not reverse). has mono reverb has stereo reverb

IMO the ideal free plugin for your hypnotic needs is Valhalla SuperMassive

If you want stereo reverb you need to duplicate a mono voice recording, then join the tracks to make a stereo pair, then apply reverb.

Thank you Trebor! :slight_smile: