move track directly after other track

Ok I have a quick question. say track one is an hour and I import a 1 second sound effect and need to move it directly after that hour one but it is only one second and doesn’t show up in timeline if you zoom out on the project to move it. How do you timeshift that clip to end result?

So you’ve got 1 hour in track 1 and 1 second in track 2.
One way:

  • Click on the panel on the left end of track 2. This selects all of the audio in the track.
  • Optional - Zoom in so that you can see what is selected. This is not necessary, but it’s easier to have confidence that you are doing it right if you can see what you are doing.
    A simple way to zoom in is the click the “Fit Selection” zoom button
    I tend to use Ctrl + Mouse wheel for zooming.
    Other ways to zoom:
  • “Ctrl+X” to cut the selected audio
  • “End” key to move to the end of the project
  • “Ctrl+V” to paste the audio back into the track


  • “Ctrl+A” (Select All)
  • “Tracks menu > Align Tracks > Align End to End”