Move Level Sliders out of dB meters?

Recent versions of Audacity have moved the level sliders onto the level meters. Is there a way to move them back to a separate header element? They block the ability to click/reset the meter peak.

Other than reverting to an older version of the software, no.

Older versions of Audacity may be found here: Old Audacity versions download

OK, then, is there a way to move the clipping indicator out from under the slider, so it can be seen, and clicked to reset?

You are not the only one that has had issues with these “new” controls. Here is a discussion mostly among the forum’s moderators. Perhaps you will find some clues here, if not just entertainment: Sliders for Recording Level and Playback Level

Thanks for the link. Seems the decision is that stop/start recording is an acceptable way of resetting these. Doesn’t work for me, since my sound device does a peak hit when recording is first engaged.

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