Move a part of an audio track?

Is there any way to select a part of an audio track and move ONLY that section of the track
WITHIN the audio track (not duplicating it and moving it in a new track)? Like, say in one audio track,
I have a waveform and at about 6 seconds in I would like there to be a 2 second period of silence after
which the track resumes where it was. I know this could be accomplished by ending the track at that point, and then just
duplicating the rest of it into a new track and sliding it. However, what I want to know is if it is possible
to achieve this same effect by simply somehow grabbing that section of the track and sliding it to the right.

Move the cursor to 6 seconds, then generate 2 seconds of silence.
Or insert a boundary at 6 seconds to split the track, then use the time-shift tool to insert the silent gap …
split demo.gif