Motorola Droid Voice

How can I make the Motorola Droid startup sound, but my own words, instead of ‘DROID’? Thanks! :smiley:

You will have to drag or record the file for that sound off the Droid smartphone , edit it in Audacity then replace the file on the smartphone. You will need to find out what format and bit rate the file is in, so that it is correct when you load it back. You can look at the file by right-clicking the file > Properties or similar, or drag it into Media Info.

For more help see our Wiki page on Making Ringtones.

This assumes you can physically replace a system ringtone with one of your own choosing. If you have questions about that you’ll probably be better to ask on the Android Forums.


I’m not trying to replace the startup sound, I’m just trying to modify it. I don’t actually need to change it on the phone (I don’t even have a droid). So how would I convert normal voice into droid voice?

first tell us what a droid voice is ! (soundwise - not productwise)

note that if you start with your voice then you can change it some, but the microphone, mike placement, actual room, compression, eq, reverb, and other fx all affect the final sound.

there is no one thing you can do to get that voice.

that said, i have heard it on TV and it is cute once, annoying thereafter. certainly has a touch of reverb in it. probably has some eq and maybe compression and other fx too.

Stereotypical robot voice can be obtained using vocoder and/or comb effects …

You can get a free comb filter plug-in for Audacity about half way down this list.

A “ring modulator” can be used to make the robot sound gritty, (plug-in attached) (1.01 KB)

Having listened to the Motorola “Droiod” it’s a bit like the voice synthesis on Speak n Spell (ask your parents :slight_smile: ) …