Morse Code Generator Plugin, but Using Audio Selection instead of Sine Waves

I don’t know if this particular subforum is for requesting plugins or just discussing stuff about Nyquist, but I figured I’d post it here in case it needs redirection.

I would like to have the Morse Code Generator, morse.ny, modified to use audio selections and samples, instead of just sine waves. That way I can make music in the form of morse code. :slight_smile:

Could use an envelope-follower to impose (mirror) the morse-code envelope on the music …

You can tell Nyquist to grab a sequence of samples as an array with:

(setf my-array (snd-samples *track* limit))

  • my-array is the name of an array that will hold the samples.
  • track is the selected audio (must be mono).
  • limit is the number of samples to grab.

To convert the array back to a sound:

(snd-from-array 0 *sound-srate* my-array)

  • sound-srate is the sample rate of the track.
  • my-array is the name of an array that holds the samples.

You can use that to replace the sine tone generator.