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hello. this is my third post. I am struggling to understand this program. I have read - or tried to read - all the help material; but i apparently cannot grasp it. For years I used a very simple editing program (Music Editing Master (MEM) by DanDans) which did the few things I needed to do quite well. When I purchased a new laptop this year with Windows 8, that program pretty much stopped working. I was very exited about discovering Audacity because it also has the capacity to add EQ, which i really need; but I cannot even understand how to do the simple things I used to do with MEM. Will someone please take the time to tell me step by step how to do a few things? People have responded to my other 2 posts, but i did not really comprehend their responses. (man, i really feel dumb) I am a DJ, and i have 3 terabytes worth of music, all cd rips. All I really need to do is 1. Normalize the volume; 2. edit the silence in the intro and outro of each track; 3.Try to normalize the EQ. About #1: I was doing this manually on MEM, one track at a time. This takes forever (it took me 2 years to do 8,000 tracks). I see how to normalize in Audacity, but I cannot figure out how to do several tracks at once. Every time I try it, they all open up in separate windows. How would I load several tracks and then normalize them all? How many could I load at a time? (please explain step by step) About #2: I was also doing this one track at a time in MEM. I need the songs to start instantly, the absolute least amount of silence at the into. I have learned how to do this one track at a time in Audacity, but is there a way to do multiple tracks at once? About #3: In my second post i asked how i could “batch EQ” several tracks at once. I really did not understand the answer. I want to do this because as a DJ, i need to have the EQ about the same when I am playing live. This has been a constant problem for me, going all the way back to the 1970’s when I first started. It would be much easier to EQ the music BEFORE it was played than attempt to adjust it once I start playing it. I want to be able to set my output EQ on my system where every song will sound about the same as far as the EQ goes when I play it. I want to stop having to adjust the output EQ for every song. (with playing records or cd’s you are forced to adjust as it is playing, with mp3 or wav i am hoping i can alter the files and therefor do it before) I want to load several songs (the answer to question #2 will be helpful here i would think), then apply a set EQ to them. I am thinking i would need to analyze them somehow to adjust each batch to be the same. A step by step answer to this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to this. I am 50 years old and not all that computer hip, but I see a potential with Audacity to make my DJ hobby a whole lot better than it currently is - i want to switch from DJ’ing with cd’s to DJ’ing with computers, with the best sound possible.

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