Mono track not centered

This was recorded from cassette to mp3.
How do I change it to stereo?
Only the right side recorded.

normalize dc

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Thank you Trebor,
That worked great.
Now I notice that some of the tops are chopped off,
is there a fix for that?

That’s weird, but try un-checking “normalization” and just remove the DC offset.

Another way to remove DC offset is with a high-pass filter (DC is zero Hz). A 20Hz high-pass filter will pass the full audio range and preserve the deep bass. But you MIGHT get a short glitch at the beginning that you have to deal with. (Edit it out, or add a few milliseconds of fade-in.)

Are you sure it wasn’t like that before? …Is the image in your 1st post (which doesn’t look like that) the whole file, and the same file?

A low pass filter will “fix” that too (at least to some extent) but it won’t fix the distortion.

Another way to remove DC offset is fix the digital interface or player system. We’re dancing around the fact that you put in stereo sound and got out damaged mono (one channel).

No it’s not supposed to do that and that may only be the top of the problem. It could be the interface is not just broken, but unstable and could change as you try to use it. That would kill the idea of throwing effects and corrections at it just enough to get it working.


I agree kozikowski, but I can’t seem to find a decent device. This one I got from Amazon for $39. I’m on a really tight budget.
I may have to have my project done professionally

re: ps
no it is not the same. I’ve been through several conversions since then.

here is the original in the raw:

I can’t find high pass filter

sorry, I found it

YES, high pass filter. dances around

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