Mono only signal using xenyx H2442 and windows 10

I cannot see a stereo monitor signal, only mono no matter what my settings are in
Audacity. Using windows USB codec. ASIO4ALL will not install (says incompatible with system)

What do you mean by “monitor signal”? Are you playing/monitoring a stereo backing track while recording?

ASIO4ALL will not install (says incompatible with system)

That’s OK, Audacity is not an ASIO application. :wink: You should be using the Windows drivers supplied with the mixer unless it uses the generic Microsoft-supplied drivers.

ASIO4ALL allows non-ASIO hardware (hardware such as your mixer without true ASIO drivers) to work with ASIO applications.

I’m trying to record a stereo track but I get a mono signal (same on both tracks) I have used ASIO4ALL and Realtec stereo mix successfully in the past as well as MS duplex usb driver and have also used nightly build. at my wits end. Nothing seems to work Used both .exe file and zip problem first occurred using Audacity 2.1.3

Don’t use nightly builds unless you export as WAV regularly.

If all you hear in the mixer’s headphones output is mono, mono is what you will record. Try looking at the H2442 Manual.

If the mixer headphones sound stereo but Audacity records mono, try this FAQ:


Each channel on your mixer has a pan-pot. What happens when you pan from left-to-right? What happens in the headphones and what happens in the recording?

What kind of “mono” recording are you getting? Are you seeing a single mono waveform? A stereo waveform with one silent channel? A stereo waveform with two identical channels?

I have used ASIO4ALL and Realtec stereo mix successfully in the past

You may have installed ASIO4ALL but Audacity can’t use it. With Audacity you’re using the Microsoft-supplied Windows drivers, not ASIO. Stereo Mix is for recording streaming audio (or the sound coming out of your computer speakers). You can use Stereo Mix if you want to mix the sound from the mixer with streaming audio or other sounds from you computer, but it’s not normally used with a mixer.