Mono on Stereo fix

Ok, so I’ve been recording an audiobook for the last two weeks. I’m HOURS in and my test listeners have commented on the sound only coming through the left speaker, or just barely on the right. I am using Windows 10 with an Audiotechnica microphone on the focusrite scarlet solo. I just found out there’s a fix for my year long problem of only being able to hear out of one earphone, which is to change my focusrite properties to 1 channel, instead of the default 2. Lo and behold I can hear out of both ears!

Problem: I’m 8 chapters in, about 5 hours of recording (which translates to 5 days of non-stop recording time which I cannot do again) and approaching my deadline. I have the tracks chosen as stereo, but they’re only on one side, causing my sound issue. Is there a way to correct the issue (converting to actual stereo) without re-recording?

Click the little drop-down arrow to the left of the waveform and select [u]Split Stereo To Mono[/u]. Then click the ‘X’ to delete the silent track. Now you have a mono file that will play from both speakers.

Yeah, I found that the other day after I’d posted. But I’ve discovered another problem. after fixing my mono to stereo issue on one file (it DOES have several tracks) it will not allow it to export to MP3. It says something about an error at E?

I probably should mention when I opened the file it had an error, something about blank files and filling them with silence.

So that would be your E: drive. Sometimes, putting special characters in you file name can cause this error.

However, based on your description, it seems more likely that your whole audacity project is being stored on drive E:. Is that a network or cloud drive or a memory stick? Audacity does not do well with remote drives or memory sticks. If you are able to zip up your projects files and post a link to it here, someone here might be able to take a look at it for you and try to replicate your error.

Be sure to include both the .aup file and the data file directory and sub-structure. See here: Managing Audacity Projects - Audacity Manual and here: Sending your work to others - Audacity Manual

I think the problem got fixed? I didn’t get this message until today and I can’t remember if I fixed it or not. Thank you! The whole book is now in post production.