Monitoring Latency

Hi, I’m an experienced pianist and a complete newbie on recording …
Windows 10, Audacity 2.1.3
Scarlett Solo 2i2

Trying to do some recording, and to use the direct monitoring feature to listen to myself practicing, so I have a better intuition of what the mic picks up/what my playing sounds like from out there. The latency on Audacity is making this impossible…! :confused:

I have went into Preferences, and set the Latency - Audio to buffer as 0. The Direct Monitoring switch is also ON on the Scarlett solo. Both input and output is on Scarlett. I keep reading these articles about how to direct monitor but I still can’t figure it out an hour later, and here I am. Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

You may be getting direct monitoring mixed with monitoring through the computer… Are you getting an echo or just the delayed signal with no direct signal? Does the “direct” button do anything at all?

Make sure [u]Software Playthrough[/u] is un-checked.

A assume you are playing a digital keyboard? There’s no need to “monitor” an acoustic piano. :wink: You should be able to plug headphones directly into the keyboard but you’d need a Y-splitter if there is only one analog output.

Audio to buffer as 0

I’m surprised that works at all!

There is no Solo 2i2. You either have a Solo or a 2i2. In either case, plug your headphones into the Scarlett, turn Direct Monitor on and set volume with the big Monitor knob.

You can do overdubbing that way, too. Play duet with yourself.

Turn Audacity Playthrough off to get rid of the echo.

If you have an AIR button, turn it off. That’s a marketing gimmick.