Monitor multiple tracks at once

I am running Ubuntu 16.04 using a Scarlett 18i8 USB interface.

I can record with 3 mics and playback all with no issue however I can only monitor 1 mic. Is there a way to monitor 3?

Audacity can only monitor up to two separate channels at a time.
As you are on Linux, if you use Jack Audio System you could add meters to any number of channels using “Meterbridge” and QJackCtl.

Here’s a screenshot showing this type of setup with 4 channel recording and independent metering of each input channel.

You wouldn’t happen to want to post the terminal commands on how to do this would you?

To get four meters as in my previous post you would use something like:

meterbridge -t vu alsa_pcm:capture_1 alsa_pcm:capture_2 alsa_pcm:capture_3 alsa_pcm:capture_4

There’s not much documentation for meterbridge, but the website is here:

I used QjackCtl to connect the meters, and to connect Audacity use the device toolbar.
Tip: When launching the applications, launch Audacity last, otherwise you will need to “rescan audio devices” (