Monitor during recording

I am switching from LogicPro to Audacity for voiceover recording. Using Yosemite 10.10.5. When I record, the program is recording, and I can hear playback in the headset when I play back, but I cannot hear myself in the headset when I actually do the recording, which is something I need. I’m guessing this is elementary and probably an easy fix, but I can’t seem to figure it out. Please advise, and thank you in advance.

You can what you’re recording, but there will be a delay. To hear yourself while recording you need a microphone or interface that provides audio to your headphone before the audio goes into the computer.

To hear what you’re recording, go to Transport > Transport Options > Software Playthrough

– Bill

The headset I have plugs directly into the side of the mic, with the cable going into the USB port from the mic as well, so it seems that logically I should be able to hear it as I record. No? I wonder if I plug the headset into the audio output of the Mac (I am not home at the moment)? Would that do the trick?

If you can’t hear through the headset when it is plugged into the microphone then that is not a problem with Audacity.

If you try to monitor through Audacity you will get a delayed sound in the headset that will drive you crazy.

– Bill

Well, you were absolutely right. That “software/playthrough” delay is maddening. Can’t do it that way. I do hear myself, delayed, when that is on. Any suggestions as to what type of interface I can use for this? I really do need to hear myself as I record, but I don’t need anything fancy, just something that will allow me to record the way I want to. Thank you very much for your help.

The headset I have plugs directly into the side of the mic

Which microphone?

Is it really a headset? microphone and earphones in one? Or headphones? Two earmuffs?

In general, if you have a place to put the headphones, they expect it to work. Some microphones only allow computer playback and not live performing, but those are pretty rare. Everybody knows what overdubbing is, and to get overdubbing to work well, you have to be able to hear yourself in mix.

There are microphones with two different volume controls. I’ve seen Volume and Mix.