Moderator approval

Are all posts in all sections held for moderator approval or just mine? And if just mine, how long will that last?

All new posts wait for moderator approval against the Spam load we have.

how long will that last?

That’s a secret to avoid someone machine-gunning posts just to get around the limit. This is a well-supported forum with active participants all day across nine time zones. We will get to you quickly.



Do you have an actual Audacity question? Trouble with your microphone? Setting up for overdubbing?


All posts from new user accounts are held in a moderator queue. This has sadly become necessary due to the massive number of spam posts. Obviously I can’t go into details that would enable spammers to work around the spam prevention measures.

I think its ok for a forum to submit every new users post to moderators approval :slight_smile: This is good for all the members of the forum because thanks to this, we will only have quality content on the website