Mod-Script-Pipe, W10 & 2.3.0 - getting it to run

I have been trying to work with the mod script pipe to do some stuff in python.
After several dissapointments I`m now at the point where I restart the whole process and document it for you guys so you can tell me where if FU, thanks for you patience.

  1. Run the installer, not much room for failure here
  2. Run audacity and navigate to Preferences / Modules , there it states no modules found
  3. no biggie jump on git and get the mod script pipe source

And thats where Im stuck. How do I build the mod script pipe under windows for windows.

Thank you for reading

Mod-script-pipe must be built on the same day as the Audacity application. This is a security check because mod-script-pipe is not yet officially released and is subject to change without notice, so it must match the Audacity version that it was built for.

Building Audacity on Windows is quite a lengthy and complex task if you are not a C++ software developer.
I’m assuming that you are not an experienced software developer, in which case I’d suggest that you write to the Audacity developer’s mailing list, say that you are interested in experimenting with mod-script-pipe, and ask if someone could give you a copy of Audacity with mod-script-pipe.
See here for the developer’s mailing list details:

Please note that we are currently gearing up to release Audacity 2.3.1, so you may not get a response very quickly.

Thank you for the hint definetly gonna check that out.
The reason why I started to look into the mod script pipe was to export labels in an automated way and the macro UI seems to lack that option or am I missing something ?

I don’t think you can do that without mod-script-pipe in Audacity 2.3.0, but in Audacity 2.3.1 you can do it with a “Nyquist-Macro” (Nyquist-Macros - Audacity Manual). The basic command would be:

;type tool

(setf labels (aud-get-info "Labels"))
(dolist (i labels)
  (format t "~a~%" (second i)))

There should be a release candidate available for Audacity 2.3.1 very soon.

Nice thank you for the great support!

Please do let us know how you get on.