MME no longer working [SOLVED]

hi and thanks for an awesome product. I am on v2.05, used Audacity for 5+ years.
While I was trialling different settings on recording (s/w playthrough, latency levels etc) I have somehow wrecked the ability to play via MME. So now MME plays with distortion, Win DirectSound also distorted, WASAPI works fine, but removes the ability to record. I have checked soundcard, re-installed audacity, not doing anything more complex than I have done hundreds of times, but now done lots of swearing. Any ideas?

“Reinstalling” Audacity is not always straightforward. Scroll down to resetting Audacity.


If the problem persists after reinstalling Audacity with “Reset Preferences” checked, check if you have changed a setting in Windows or your sound card.

What version of Windows is it?


fixed! thanks heaps.
It simply required an uninstall then reinstall - basic windows etiquette that I did not follow :frowning:

Good. :slight_smile:

It is best to start a new topic for unrelated questions. I moved your feature request about “support for two line ins” to .