Help please. As it is impossible to make changes in Audacity as the music is playing (except for volume) can Audacity be used with an external mixing board to edit in real time? If so has anyone any recommendations about an efficient yet affordable mixing board?


and “Pan”.

How do you intend to “edit” with an external mixing board?
Audacity has a primitive software Mixer Board: http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/mixer_board.html

I have no idea how I would mix with an external mixing board. I was talking to a friend who said he had used a “real” mixing board with audacity so he could make adjustments as the music was playing but perhaps he was confusing it with some other software!


[free] Real-time VST plugin equalizers work* in Audacity, e.g. Voxengo graphic equalizer.

Audacity only accepts VST2 32-bit plugins , ( even if your OS is 64 bit)

[ * only one instance though ]

Thanks for the tip. The equalizer thing looks a bit complicated to install!