Mixing/editing vocals?

So, I’m an aspiring Metal artist, and have only just recently started putting vocals in my tracks. However, whenever I do so, I notice that the vocal recordings sound very out of place as if they don’t belong in the mix. I’m still pretty new to audio editing, so I’ve had trouble understanding a lot of the tutorials I’ve read.

So here’s what I’m using.

Audacity v2.1.0
Magix Music Maker Rock Edition 4
Blue Snowball Ice USB Microphone (Because budget.)

Any tips?

Can you post some of a mixed song? We would normally urge you to post WAV as a forum attachment, but we’re not going to surgically rip apart your blue waves, so a good quality MP3 should do it. At least 128 MP3 quality.

Scroll down from a forum window > Upload attachment.

The forum will tell you if the posting is too large. In perfect quality WAV, the show size tops out at 20 seconds. MP3 will do better but you’re not going to get a 3 minute song on here.

This is where we find out you have a voice that frightens pets and small children.


Not a problem! I have a short sample recorded here. The only thing I did with the vocals was added noise reduction and lowered the volume a bit.

This is the clip somebody posts with the complaint that there’s distortion in the instrumental part.


Wait, distortion in the instrumental part? I was asking about editing the vocals because they sound out of place. :laughing:

That’s a joke. Somebody posts heavy metal with its 99% distortion guitars and complains in the post of excessive distortion.

How would you know?

I only heard the voice at the beginning and then it faded out. Was it supposed to be there for the whole clip?

Do you have the voice on is own track with no music? You need that to add effects, tools and filters without screwing up the guitar track.

In case I missed the boat here, you might try Effect > Echo on your voice only to give it a little concert hall effect. That might help it melt into the guitar.

OK, here’s one. Point to someone you’re trying to sound like.


Ah, I see. XD

Anyway, to answer your questions…

  1. No, the vocals weren’t supposed to be for the entire clip. There’s basically the first phrase (“We will succeed”, if you didn’t understand it.), and then a little “RAH!” Near the end.
  2. Yes, the vocals are on their own track. I usually like to edit things separately before I put them all together.
  3. I have tried using Echo before. It helps a bit, but it’s still not quite there. I hear that using a compressing it a lot kinda helps, I’ve also read that usually vocals sometimes have a bit of a problem with the “wall of guitars” thing.

As for who I’m trying to sound like… that’s a bit difficult, as I’ve been trying to be more original. However, I will say maybe Randy Blythe from Lamb of God may be the closest resemblance.

The compressors and limiters go through a lot of work to make sure they don’t add any more distortion than needed. Leveler, however, doesn’t care. Try adding Leveler multiple passes at maximum setting.


Hm… can’t say I’ve ever used the Leveler before. Also, multiple passes? Sorry… Like I said, I’m extremely new to audio editing. XD