Mixing and Trimming Tracks


I would like to know how to mix and render two tracks of unequal duration into a single track and automatically trim (delete) the remainder in the second track which is below empty space in the first track.

  1. Double click on the waveform in the first track to select it.
  2. Press “down cursor” to move focus to the second track
  3. Press “Enter” to toggle the selection of the second track (both tracks now selected)
  4. “Ctrl + T” to trim selected tracks (also available in “Edit menu > Delete special”)
    Both tracks are now the same length,
  5. “Tracks menu > Mix > Mix and Render” to mix the tracks
  6. Double click on the track to select it
  7. Apply either the Amplify or Normalize effect to bring the peak level to a reasonable level.

Thank you for the explanation. After selecting both tracks, I have tried to use the commands Remove Special>Split Delete and Remove Special>Trim Audio, but the longer track was not trimmed to match the length of the shorter track.

Try following the steps given in my previous post (exactly as written).

I have again followed the steps exactly as written but the longer track was not trimmed. (Nothing happens either when I press Ctrl + T or click on Remove Special>Split Delete or Remove Special>Trim Audio.)

If you click and drag to select part of an audio track, and then press “Ctrl + T”, does that trim the track to the selection?

Yes, a single track is trimmed when I select a part of it and press Ctrl + T.

Is the project that you are trying to do this on, the one shown in your first post?
Specifically, is the first track shorter than the second track?

After this step:
“1) Double click on the waveform in the first track to select it.”
you should see that the selection shown in the “timeline” (the time ruler above the tracks) is the same length as the first track, and shorter than the second track. Do you see that?

The project shown in the first post was an example. The first track was shorter than the second. But I followed the steps on another project where the first track was longer. Now the question has been resolved, since I needed to go from down up and not vice versa. The tracks are now trimmed properly.