Mixing a song

Hey everyone I’mm trying to make a remix of Call me maybe.
I’m new to the software and am trying to figure out hour to mix in parts of other songs
I have the home free version so I’m not sure if it is limited but I just want to add in some heavier bass beats and drops and some techno sounds from sandstorm etc.
Thanks for your help :mrgreen:

I have the home free version

If you’re talking about Audacity, there is only a home-free version. This isn’t a money-based product.

I just want to add in some heavier bass beats

Audacity doesn’t make very many sounds by itself. You have to downlaod or create the sounds you want and then you can use Audacity to mix it all up.

Each time you Import a sound, it appears on its own track one above the other. They all play together unless you tell them not to. You can select each track by double clicking in the blue waves or clicking just above the MUTE button and change it as you need.

From there the options fan out to All The Audacity Tools. I can’t cover that in one posting.


Thanks for your help.
I feel like the longer I play around with it the easier it will be to navigate it.
It’s a little confusing right now because the the copy buttons not working when i try to copy a certain portion of the track