Mixer plugin

I work for a local theater company in Florida. On average I’ll record anywhere from 5 to 30 tracks. Is there a plugin mixer available for Audacity?

Audacity has a very basic “Mixer Board” window. See: https://manual.audacityteam.org/man/mixer_board.html

I’ll record anywhere from 5 to 30 tracks.

I assume you want to record multi-track? And I assume you already have a hardware mixer?

Do you have a multi-channel interface, or does your hardware mixer double as a multitrack interface? (Most “USB mixers” just give you the stereo or mono mix but some can multi-track.)

Once you have multiple tracks, Audacity can mix in post production but it’s features are “minimal”.

I’ve never tried multi-track recording with Audacity but from what I’ve seen here on the forum most people are not successful. :frowning: [u]Multi-Channel Recording With Audacity[/u]

I’d recommend a [u]full DAW application[/u]. These are designed from the ground-up for multi-track recording and mixing. Among the commercial DAWs REAPER is probably the “best deal”. It’s $60 for home & small business use. There is a pro license but no special pro version. It’s just a different licensing agreement. But, I think it’s not the easiest to use (none of these are as easy as Audacity). And REAPER doesn’t come with any virtual instruments, which you probably don’t need anyway.

I record up to 32 tracks at one session using Ubuntu Studio and Audacity 3.13 with no problems.
We use an Allen and Heath QU-32 digital mixer. During a recording I’ll need to adjust a track ( actor speaks to softly, noise from another mic. ) but have only been able to do it in post. A plugin volume control per channel would be perfect

Yes, that is correct. Audacity edits only AFTER recording is completed/stopped. There is a reason you cannot use the QU-32 to do this?

The next release of Audacity, 3.2, will include “real-time” effects, but even these effects apply only to previously recorded tracks, if I understand correctly.

If you want to adjust the recording level, use your QU-32 mixer.
If you want to adjust the playback level, use Audacity’s Mixer Board.

Are you familiar with Qu-Pad? This may do exactly what you are looking for and it is available for free. See: Qu - Allen & Heath