Mixer mic showing on audacity but not recording

I have used a usb mic with audacity before no problem. just got a Behringer QX602MP3 with rode podmic and have done audio set up - mic is showing and get green gage going up and down on audacity but when I hit record, nothing happens, just have a flat line. What am I doing wrong?

Check your Audio setup for Mic. Audacity will probably show Rode Podmic as one input [Microphone (Rode Podmic)] and it should show the Behringer as another input, probably something like [Microphone (USB Audio Device)] assuming that you have correctly setup the Behringer in your computer system settings. Now select the microphone USB device in your audio settings that is the Behringer. If this doesn’t work start by tracing the audio path from the Behringer through your computer system. Does the Behringer record to another program such as Windows Sound Recorder or its equivalent on Mac or Linux? It’s a common audio trap when having setup a USB mic direct into the computer and then later adding a mixer that now uses the USB mic. Select the correct current device.