Mix VOCAL into GUITAR , Then remove all guitar ?

Can I ?

If I take a guitar , drop the vocals in the spots where they need to be , Can I REMOVE the guitar and the vocal spots can stay in the areas of where I placed them ?

Basically use a guitar track a GUIDE LINE for VOCAL Placements , and then when done with that REMOVE Guitar ?

Provided that you keep the guitar and vocals on separate tracks, you can.
If you “mix” them onto the same track, then probably not.

AH Darn , Okay that just means I’ll back the volume down low enough for the GUITAR TRACK that’s mean’t to be a GUIDELINE !

Why not just record the vocal onto a different track to the guitar?

Simplest way I’d use is –

Make-up the guitar track and save (or export – your choice) a copy (give it a simple name e.g. ‘guitarsoloCopy’ )
Do your guitar + vocal tracks, and then -
Import previously saved guitar copy track.
Highligh the copy guitar track,
On effects menu scroll to ‘invert’ and apply.
Now mix the inverted copy guitar track with the vocal+guitar track.
Guitar now vanishes!

Points to note –

This will only work if the timing and levels of the guitar tracks (‘copy’ and ‘guitar + vocal’) stay identical – so no effects when putting the vocals on the guitar track.
This can be done in mono or stereo – your choice.

Much simpler way:

  1. Record the guitar (guide track)
  2. Record the vocal track (Ensure that “Transport > Overdub” is enabled so that you can hear the guide track)
  3. Delete the guitar track.


Simpler by far.

That’s the best I’ve read.