Missing pieces of words in a record

I am recording an audiobook in Audacity and thing that is happening to me lately is that after I am going through the record and I´m removing background noices (such as breathing, turning pages of the book and so) via clip fix, out of a sudden I come to a part where the first part of the word, letter or a syllable is missing, is cut off. I only found always one bug like this through the whole record of a chapter and it is impossible that I would forget to read the whole word. :slight_smile: You can also hear how the word is cut off.
Can you please help and tell me where am I doing mistake?
Thanks a lot.

Cutting off the start of words is usually due to a noise-gate,
which can be part of Windows “audio enhancements”
https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/topic/disable-audio-enhancements .