Missing "impressum"

When returning after a long break, my account would not work any more (“Due to a database migration, passwords made before March 2023 don’t work. Please reset your password.”"), so I tried “Reset password”, and the system responded it sent a mail message.
Unfortunately I cannot remember whether I had specified an E-Mail address, and even if so, which. So I checked all may current mailboxes, but did not find a message.
Now the topic: Whom to contact about problems like that? The web-site does not have an “impressum”, and the referral to the “muse group” is not really helpful.
For the moment I created a new account, but I’d prefer to have my old one re-activated.
I could not find out how to send a private message, so I ended up here…

In the left-hand “menu” you finde the category “More”, Ckick there, open the caption “About” and you’ll see a list of all Administrators (who should be able to reset your password / e-mail) and moderators (who look after the behaviour of the users in this forum).

At the bottom of that page, you find also an e-mail address for contacting them.

You mean “https://mu.se.”? When I followed the link I got something like this:

I wouldn’t call that an E-Mail address.

Also with the state of a new account I was not allowed to send private mails (mean while I may).