Missing Audio Data Block Files

When I open one of my projects in audacity (which was working fine an hour or so ago), the following error message appears:
“Warning - Missing Audio Data Block File(s)
Project check of “bb_questionsanswers_synced_data” folder detected 82 missing audio data (.au) blockfile(s) probably due to a bug, system crash, of accidental deletion. There is no way for Audacity to recover these missing files automatically.”

It then gives me 3 options:
a) close project immediately with no further changes
b) Treat Missing audio as silence (this session only)
c) Replace missing audio as silence (permanent immediately)

When I chose option a, the program just closes and the exact same thing appears when I reopen, when I chose option b, seconds of my audio disappear, and I haven’t tried option c, because I don’t want to lose my audio.

How do I fix this? When I click on the log to show details, the program just freezes. I’ve never moved these files or this project, it just lives on my external hard drive. I have Catalina and version 2.3.1 TIA!

Option “b) Treat Missing audio as silence (this session only)” is probably as good as it gets.

Was the project on remote storage? (example: dropbox)

If it was, then you could try re-syncing the local version from the remote version.
(I would advise against using remote storage as it frequently has problems when dealing with very large numbers of small files).

If the above does not help, and if the “good” audio in the project is worth keeping:
Restart Audacity, select option (b) and save the project with a new name (use “Save Project As…”)

I’ve exactly the same problem, wasting 3 weeks of work ! I’m so :smiling_imp:

It seems that nobody has a solution !?