Missing Audio Data Block Files

Hi, I finished recording my music. I transferred all data onto a stick. Went to England and transferred data from stick onto my brother’s Aud 2.3.2. All fine. He put a real drum track to my music (mine was from a keyboard!). We listened to it back and fiddled with the mix no problem. Transferred all new data (with new drum track) back onto the stick. Got home, tried to transfer new data on to my Aud 2.3.2 and got a window which said at the top ‘Missing Audio Data Block File(s)’. Can you tell me why this happened and/or what I did wrong? Many thanks

Transferred all new data (with new drum track) back onto the stick.

Using the same Project name? This can happen when you halt the save process before Audacity is actually done saving. There are other ways to get this failure, too. Sometimes overly aggressive virus software can cause this.

What’s supposed to happen is you Export a WAV version of your half of the song—the raw performance—in addition to saving the Audacity Project. Similarly, they Export a WAV version of their performance in addition to the modified Project. In a failure such as this one, you would open up the two raw WAV files, remix and keep going. I don’t know of any good recovery method once those tiny blocks go missing.

A home voice recording version of this is someone who records their voice, saves a project, and then does filters, effects and corrections over time and saves the Project each time they get to a good stopping point. Just before they produce the final MP3, the computer fails taking their one, single Project all the way back to performing in front of the microphone again. Export WAV version of the raw performance and save several Projects along the way each with a different name. Any failures will just send them back to the last known, good, working Project or WAV.


Ok, thanks Koz. If I’m honest I cant remember if I saved the project before transferring data to a stick. That would obviously be the problem if it were the case. I didnt do any WAV exporting. I had the tracks in the mixer and sent Song_data to my memory stick. Transferred same song_data back to my PC at home and it gave me the error box. If I hadnt saved the new project at my brother’s surely it would just place the _data back to my PC without giving me an ‘error’ notification as nothing would have changed. Mystery!