"Missing Audio Block Data" after duplicating project [SOLVED

Hi, I’m using audacity version 2.0.5 on Windows 7.

I’m worried I just lost a lot of work after duplicating a project I was working on. I copied my project and its associated data file, lets say its Project 1, and renamed the copy to Project 2. I wanted to keep the original project but work on a duplicate version.
However, when I try to open either project, I get the “Warning - Missing Audio Data Block File(s)” error message. It gives me the options to close it, treat audio as silence, or replace missing audio with silence. If I treat it as silence, pretty much all of the audio is gone.

Is there a way to recover the lost audio? Was the problem caused by copying the files, or is it unrelated? Is there a way to stop this happening again?
audacity error.png

The only safe way to do that using a file manager is to quit the project, copy the AUP file and _data folder, create a new folder and paste into that new folder.

There is no single data file, the AU data files are inside the _data folder for the project.

What you should have done is File > Save Project As… .

Have you looked in the log as suggested? The log will show where Audacity is looking for the missing files. If you search your computer for some of the AU files, you will probably find where all the missing ones are. Put them back in the exact path stated in the log. They must be in the exact subfolder inside the _data folder for the project. If they are in the wrong subfolder, Audacity won’t see them.

Also see Managing Audacity Projects - Audacity Manual.


Fixed! I found all the missing AU files from the original in the duplicated _data folder and was able to move them back and recover everything.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate your quick reply and advice. I’ve also learned my lesson about messing with the names of files.